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by on Aug.28, 2011, under News & Announcements

This weekend I got to kick it with music legend Brian Holland while recording with Charlie Played Cello.  Brian, his brother Edward & writing partner Lamont Dozier where the powerhouse trio writing team who created that classic Motown Sound in the 1960’s. With over 200 songs in their catalog, 130 were on the charts, 70 in the top 10 hit list, and 20 of them were number 1 hits.  What an experience to be part of his creative process.  He was effortlessly masterful and all the while having fun!  Laughing and singing he would craft and shape the song together.  He was giving, always praising the artist and guiding with a reassured comfort.  Brian was honest with a witty sense of humor and willing to point to a positive character trait both in the music and the people around him.  He is 70 years of age and without a doubt, I could see the happiness and joy that music still brings him.

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